Knight in Burpie Cloths

The answer to my prayers was making me lose my sanity. Our sweet girl was born August 27, 2002. What a glorious day! It was the culmination of so many prayers and dreams. While I adored my little lovebug, I discovered quickly, this whole parenting gig was going to be a challenge like none other. For some reason Meghan didn’t take to nursing OR the bottle…she couldn’t latch onto anything but she was starving….Houston, we had a problem. To top it off the little vampire, albeit a very adorable vampire, wouldn’t sleep from midnight-6:00am…no joke. Every.night. Not just awake, but screaming…the entire time. There was no consoling her. I would pump, put milk in a syringe, attach a tube to the syringe, tape the little tube to my finger and try to squeeze milk down her throat as she screamed, choked, gagged, and spit it ALL out. (This went on for 6 weeks!๐Ÿ˜ณ) As you can imagine, by week two, I was losing my patience, along with my mind. BUT, I wouldn’t let anyone help me. Randy and my Mom tried to convince me they could handle her, to give me time to rest, but I couldn’t, really, I just WOULDN’T let them. Sometimes we don’t know how much we need something. At week 3 Randy, my knight in shining burpie cloths, insisted that I sleep. It was no longer a suggestion, it was mandatory, for all of our safety.๐Ÿ˜‰ He had me wear headphones so it would drown out the sound of her crying while he did Daddy duty…and I slept. It was blissful! Rest changed everything! I woke up feeling almost human. I wondered, why did I wait so long to let him help?….Control. It had to be my way. (Momma bear was already on the scene.๐Ÿ˜‰). Fear. Something could go wrong. Stubbornness. I didn’t need help! Oh, but I did! I’m so thankful God sees my needs and He provides for them, sometimes directly, and sometimes through knight in shining burpie cloths. Why do you wait so long to get help? What’s holding you back? What are you needing right now? Quite often what we think we need isn’t actually what we need. Ask God. He will show you and He will provide. We all need help at times…occasionally, it’s mandatory. Are you listening?

Matt. 6:8~.Do not be like them for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
Matt. 11:28~”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.


3 thoughts on “Knight in Burpie Cloths

  1. thank you kristine for these messages. they are truly inspirational. I reflect on the days of praying for
    god to send me a baby to love. and he truly did that! in his time and his way. but he surely heard my prayers!


  2. Thank you for starting this blog. You have such a gift for sharing your feelings and soul with us. Love how the Lord is using you to share his promises… Keep it up.


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