Truth Sets Us Free

I was causing my own infertility. Ouch. He wasn’t nice about it and he didn’t mince words when he shared this insight. The doctor believed I was just to thin. BUT I knew other women that were thinner…BUT I wasn’t THAT thin….BUT other doctors told me that my weight was fine….BUT he was just a meanie…BUT…BUT…BUT….But, deep down inside I knew there was a nugget of truth, not that infertility was my fault, rather, that I WAS to thin. My weight, or lack of it, became a means of control for the things I couldn’t control in my life. Friends and family had tried to share their concerns gently, to no avail. Truthfully, I needed his words, though they were harsh. (Sometimes God will use tough love) It struck a chord in me and I began to seek out counseling and accountability for the chains that had begun to shackle me…without my awareness. I found freedom in the Truth, and I became grateful for that freedom over time, even when added pounds didn’t immediately result in my dreams of a baby. Still, I was free, and freedom weighs less than chains!  What truth is God speaking to you that you have been resisting? Sometimes He uses other people to expose our areas of blindness. Are you listening? Freedom can only be found in Truth.
John 8:32~Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.🙏🙌


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